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Updated: Sep 8

We are proud to launch a dream come true, IdiosyncraTeas is a specialty tea company offering the finest selection of teas and accessories.

Sipping on chamomile with cbd has all the benefits of cbd in a cup of tea!! Helps battle anxiety, depression, fatigue. Get yours today!!

Positively Peach is my favorite black tea, get your Peach Tea today and enjoy the benefits of our Black Teas. Just made some Japanese Matcha to start the day, feel amazing, packed with tons of antioxidants.

Just knowing the health benefits of drinking tea makes me feel good every time I brew a cup. I enjoy the taste and most of all the health benefits. Cheers!

Sipping on some Green Plum and Pear contemplating what to do on this lovely Sunday.

Sitting at the laptop doing my research on the Camellia Sinensis! Im anxiously waiting the arrival of my plants. Im planning to grow and manufacture my own tea from farm to table! Exciting! I'll keep updating on here to let everyone know how its going. Good Day!

Received my Camellia Sinensis!! Planted in organic soil with plenty of acidy. Also used a 6" clay pot to start, once the plant roots to the pot I will transfer it to a larger pot for more growth. This process takes time but I'm giving it love and attention, this makes me happy! Happy Independence Day to all Americans!

Update on my Camellia Sinensis plant is doing amazing. Since potting it has grown almost 2" in height. Tea plants require allot of water, plant seems to be sucking it up quickly each day. Ive been watering 2x daily. When I transfer into a larger pot I'm thinking of using Organic Mushroom soil due to its high acidity. Im about to sun brew some fresh peach tea...Cheers!!

Camellia Sinensis is doing better. An animal pulled it out of the pot and left in on the deck for me to see in the morning. The plant needs to grow another 2 1/2 more inches so I can repot it and bring it in for the winter. Hope everyone is well and staying safe.

The summer is winding down, leaves are already falling in the backyard. Embracing the changes while sipping on Spiced Pear white tea, soul soothing stuff!

Happy Labor Day to all! Enjoying some green plum and pear green tea, devising a plan for the day. Have to repot my Camellia Sinensis today and some outdoor duties need to be handled before a few weeks in the Sunshine State!

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